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 Quick & Easy Integration with our Payment Gateway.
  CCAvenue is platform- and operating- system independent. With our various transaction options, we can seamlessly integrate the shopping cart feature with your existing website.

You are free to use your own shopping cart as. CCAvenue is also compatible with all third party shopping carts.
Custom-made Shopping Cart
The Shopping cart option is extremely useful and simple to utilize. This is how it works:

On our server, you just have to fill in your products/service ID's, description and prices in 'Your products' section of your account. Simultaneously, on your site, put a photo or description of your product/service and a 'Add to Cart' button. Now, your E-commerce Shopping cart is ready and accessible on the World Wide Web.

• You also have the added facility to put up your banner (in the industry standard 480x60 size) on our shopping cart, so that our shopping cart has the same look and feel as your web site.

Variable Amount (Third Party Shopping Cart) Interface

  • In the event you prefer to use your own shopping cart, or that of any other third party provider, you can avail of our 'Variable Amount' interface. This interface allows your customer to finish all the shopping on your site, and you just forward the total amount to the CCAvenue Credit Card page. The entire process of integrating your site with CCAvenue can be executed in as little as 30 minutes. For your convenience, we accept the set up fee online by Credit Card.

  • We provide integration API's for posting back variables to your own database as well as allow you to designate a pre-determined URL (on your web site) for successful and failure transactions.

Benefits of using CCAvenue Payment Gateway

  • Easy to implement :
    CCAvenue is easy to implement at your site as it eliminates the need of any elaborate software, large database and expensive processing capabilities.
  • Minimises your costs and risks :
    This enables you to reduce the costs and risks on expensive computing resources. All payment operations are handled and authorized by us, using a 24 x 7 high security payment gateway server, allowing you to focus on initiatives and strategies, which is profitable to your business.
  • Facilitates efficient customer service on your site :
    Your customers are assured of fast and easy-to-access connections between your site, CCAvenue and the payment gateway server. This server is installed on a robust Windows 2003 platform with multiple processors with RAID 10 (mirrored and stripped), and a dual ported controller, which allows quick and easy completion of transaction authorization.
  • Optimum transaction time :
    The transaction is completed between 30 seconds and a minute, which in turn provides a positive shopping experience to your customer, resulting in repeat purchase of your products/services
All Major International and Indian Credit cards Processed.
Indian Customers can also pay through their Indian bank accounts.
No Merchant account or Special Bank Account Necessary.
Payment Gateway Comparative Analysis
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